Practice Areas

Entertainment and Media

Services and advisory activities include:

Film & Television

  • Production and co-production agreements
  • Financing arrangements for film and television productions
  • Distribution and licence agreements, including Internet, video, satellite, television and DVD distribution
  • Canadian tax credit and Canadian production services applications
  • Personnel agreements including producer, director, actor, composer and writer agreements
  • Advice to foreign entities regarding film and television production in Canada
  • Chain of title, copyright and trademark issues


  • Advice to record, production and management companies regarding all aspects of recording, manufacturing, distribution and other exploitation of recorded product
  • Structural and business advice to record and production companies, distributors, rack jobbers, producers, artists and music publishers
  • Documentation for production, recording, distribution and merchandising
  • Merchandising and ancillary rights agreements
  • Artist management agreements
  • Publishing and songwriter agreements
  • Administrative services to music publishers/composers including filing necessary cue sheets, collecting royalties, liaising with foreign sub-publishers, administrators and performing rights societies/mechanical collection societies
  • Copyright registration and trademark advice with respect to both recorded works and compositions
  • Copyright enforcement


  • Negotiation of rights agreements for use in particular multi-media projects
  • Negotiation and preparation of necessary licences regarding the exploitation of product in multi-media
  • Clearance issues related to specific works or portions thereof
  • General business advice with respect to multi-media transactions

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The Gardiner Roberts Entertainment and Media Group provides advice and services to all segments of the film, television, music, publishing and literary works industries. Our lawyers are also active in areas of arts and sports law.

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Jeffrey Rosekat

Brian Wynn


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