Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution

The services provided by the lawyers in the Dispute Resolution Group are listed below:

Commercial Disputes Relating to Land

  • Construction lien litigation
  • Environmental litigation
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Arbitration of construction disputes
  • Land development applications and disputes

General Commercial Disputes

  • Banking, financing, bankruptcy and insolvency issues and proceedings
  • Securities litigation
  • Mortgages and loan litigation
  • Shareholder/ joint venture disputes
  • Commercial fraud matters
  • Confidentiality, solicitation and competition issues
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Commercial and international arbitrations and dispute settlements
  • Injunctions

Insurance Law

  • Title insurance matters
  • Professional liability claims
  • Coverage issues
  • Surety claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Subrogated property damage claims
  • Policy interpretation
  • Product liability claims

Employment Law

  • Wrongful dismissal and employment related litigation
  • Preparation and review of employment contracts
  • Pension benefits, mergers and surplus matters
  • Representation of clients before tribunals and boards of inquiry established under the Human Rights Code, employment standards, workers' compensation and occupational health and safety legislation

Specialty Litigation

  • Discipline matters
  • Defamation actions
  • Matrimonial litigation
  • Intellectual property litigation, including passing off claims and claims related to copyright and trademark infringement

Administrative Law

  • Counsel to administrative tribunals

Legal Research

  • Preparation of legal memoranda and reports for presentation at conferences, client seminars and before legislative bodies

At a Glance


The Gardiner Roberts Dispute Resolution Group is comprised of a number of highly experienced litigators. Our lawyers have been involved in a wide variety of litigous commercial issues including corporate restructuring, class actions, competition, asset recovery, injunctions, professional negligence, and insolvency. Our lawyers are not only experienced in court and tribunal proceedings but also arbitration, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution. We have represented corporate and individual clients at both the trial and appellate levels in federal and provincial courts and before regulatory and administrative tribunals in both Canada and the United States.

Practice Group Lawyers

James Cook

Tim Duncan

David Fine

Scott Gfeller

Anna Husa

Lad Kucis

Alexandra Matushenko

Alexander Melfi

Bill Michelson

William O'Hara

Amit Patel

Jeffrey Rosekat

Jane Sirdevan

Bryan Skolnik

Stephen Thiele

Gavin Tighe

Evert Van Woudenberg

Jonathan Wigley

Rob Winterstein

Howard Wolch


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