Gardiner Roberts and MSI Global Alliance

Gardiner Roberts LLP is a member of MSI Global Alliance (MSI).  MSI is an international alliance of independent professional firms, with over 250 member firms in 100 countries including the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Formed in 1990 and reflecting the growing need of clients for cross border business advice and assistance, MSI allied firms are among the most respected, English-speaking, full service professional services firms in their local marketplaces.  Together they can provide your business with the power to deal with cross-border challenges. 

Gardiner, Roberts’ membership in the MSI Global Alliance gives clients a powerful means of dealing with their world wide issues.  At the same time, it gives foreign businesses and companies an ideal platform to deal with uniquely Canadian issues.

For further information on MSI, please visit or click on the MSI logo above.

Gardiner Roberts LLP and MSI Global Alliance professional firms can be located via iPhone app

MSI Global Alliance (MSI) has spent 20 years building a worldwide association of 250 strong, local professional firms in 105 countries. These firms are now available to you wherever you go via our free iPhone app Advisors2Go.

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Contact Information

Brian Wynn

Phone: 416.865.6674

Fax: 416 865 6636

Email: Brian Wynn


Jonathan Wigley

Phone: 416.865.6655

Fax: 416 865 6636

Email: Jonathan Wigley


M. Lee Stratton

Phone: 416.865.6626

Fax: 416 865 6636

Email: M. Lee Stratton