The Articling Program

A The goal of the Gardiner Roberts LLP articling program is to teach our articling students how to become good lawyers. Accordingly, our students work closely with both senior and junior lawyers on a wide variety of matters. Students are treated as professionals and they gain practical experience by being involved in client meetings, corporate commercial transactions, drafting of legal documents and attending on motions, trials and administrative proceedings.

Although we believe in the importance of a varied articling program, students who become involved in a particular hearing or transaction may retain carriage of the matter through their articles. In addition, Gardiner Roberts attempts to accommodate students who develop an interest in a particular area of law.


Formal evaluations of our articling students are completed two times a year. The Articling Committee requires all lawyers who have worked with the articling students to complete a student evaluation form. The results of each student's evaluation is then discussed on a one-on-one basis between the student and a member of the committee and students are given feedback regarding progress as well as suggestions for areas for development.




At a Glance

When you consider where you want to article and eventually practice law, we recognize that you want a firm that has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and will also provide you with a challenging experience.

All articling inquiries should be forwarded to:

Articling Committee
Attention: Bryan Skolnik
Gardiner Roberts LLP
Bay Adelaide Centre – East Tower
22 Adelaide Street West
Suite 3600
Toronto, Ontario M5H 4E3